200 Hour Yoga leadership training

The Foundation of Teaching Yoga

This holistic yoga teaching certification course will help you to create an inspiring and deep yoga practice, while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teacher in you. We are honoured to bring together scholars, health professionals and senior yoga teachers as part of our teaching faculty.

Over the course, you will deepen your knowledge of the science and philosophy of yoga meanwhile unraveling your creative potential in your personal expression and integration of the practice. Learn to teach Body Intelligence Yoga that incorporates a FUNctional movement based yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices to address the needs of our modern day yoga students.  Deliver guidance in your own individual way, from the heart, with awareness, compassion, sensitivity and clarity. By the end of the course you will be able confidently to convey your own experience of yoga’s transforming power to your students with ease and confidence.

This foundational program is grounded in living a life in balance and harmony with all aspects of being.  We encourage deep introspection to the ways in which we continually deprive, avoid and disengage from our lives and ask you to show up 100% to the process of becoming the most authentic version of you.  The yoga teacher training program is the amazing vehicle in which we help you to uncover your greatest self.  

We use the teachings of yoga to explore our inner dialogue (saboteurs), our breath (pranayama), our habitual patterns (samskaras) with our physical practice (asanas). We firmly believe that every path of this old tradition should be acknowledged but also explored in conjunction with the exciting, new research and studies of the 21st century yoga.



  • Body Intelligence Yoga: Posture informed yoga through FUNctional Anatomy and optimal alignment principles, use of props, and understanding risks and benefits
  • Intentional Yoga Sequencing and Hands on adjustments
  • Navigating the Mind with mindfulness practices
  • Creative self exploration and desire mapping through intention
  • Breath work and the Energetic body (Chakras, koshas, nadis)
  • Yogic history, philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Living your Yoga - Sadhana
  • Stepping into your Vulnerability and Power
  • Chanting and tools for developing your voice as a teacher
  • Practice teaching with strategies for teaching various styles and levels of ability
  • Yoga for Pregnancy, injuries, and yin
  • Bio-individualized whole food eating, Ayurveda and our relationship to the earth.
  • Living a life a passion and purpose


Requirements for Certification

  • Complete 200 hour training and all related homework
  • Attend 20 yoga classes of various style and teachers
  • complete 5 hours of Karma work within the community of your choice 
  • Complete 5 hours of practice teaching collecting 20 feedback forms over the course of the classes you set up to teach to friends, family, coworkers and community.

30 hours Outside of Teacher Training

KARMA YOGA (5 hours)

The practice of Karma yoga will be 5 hours of volunteer through service at a local non-profit association, hospital, school or other social environment that involves benefit to the community.

Attending classes and journaling experience (aprox. 20 Hours)

This is a chance to document the physical, spiritual and emotional journey that you experience while taking various styles, instructors and studios classes. We encourage you to try everything and everyone at least once!


You will be asked to teach 5 classes to friends, family, coworkers, etc and at the end of class both you and all the students fill out a feedback form regarding your teaching.  These must be submitted at the end for certification.