Meet Kaitlin Armstrong


I am a passionate advocate for living life to the fullest and following our heart's bliss.  As a happy hippy to the core, I take great pride in helping others find natural health and balance in their lives in a manner that is both inspiring and sustainable. 

I cherish my daily practice because it allows me to connect with my authentic and most joyous self.  I love teaching others in the roots of my passion for lifelong health and happiness and am humbled at how much more my students teach me everyday.   My greatest passion is encouraging and inspiring others to step into their authentic power and share with the world the greatest version of themselves.


Educational Highlights

  •  Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia in 2009 and I am a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist and Fitness/Rehabilitation Specialist.  
  • 2 year diploma as a Natural Health Practitioner from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada 2012.  
  • 1000 hour Registered Yoga Therapist - my true calling.  I completed my 500 hour Moksha Yoga teacher training in 2012 and then continued on to Manage a studio and teach my heart out!  I have had the honour of completing my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Schuylar Grant, the Founder of Wanderlust and Owner of Kula Flow NYC.  My classes are inspired by all the great teachers I have had the pleasure of studying with including Micheal Stone, Seane Corn, Eion Finn, Ana Forrest, Janet Stone, Ryan Leier and many many more.

 I am fascinated by how the body tells us the story of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes... a map of our moment to moment experience.  As we develop a stronger relationship and increase our ability to feel our own bodies, we increase our ability to empathically feel the world around us.  And from that place of greater awareness, we can change the world with kind thoughts, genuine words, and compassionate actions.

My Yoga Pazaaz!  

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life at home and on the mat in my teaching.  I am so blessed to love what I do everyday and share all the healing benefits I have gained from living a more holistic lifestyle.  I look forward to every moment as an opportunity to grow, share, smile and play and appreciate the supportive and benefits the oils have brought into my life!

My Story

As a small town Vancouver Islander I didn't realize how important balance was in health and happiness until I moved to Fort Mcmurray In 2011.  And boy am I ever grateful for this unique and kind community of people as it opened my mind and my heart to a serious lack of balance in my life previous.  The isolating and brutal winters of the North confronted my masks of insecurity and opened my eyes to my negative thoughts. I was forced to look within myself for healing.  I wish I could tell you that my health transformation was easy but it was a lot of work and worth every ounce of effort!  

 Truly I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to live amongst the beauty for the Boreal Forest and yet to be witness of the environmental destruction that is occurring here and worldwide.  This juxtaposition has awakened me beyond the superficial layers and encouraged me to be and do better for myself and for others including my impact on this planet.  As I returned to Vancouver Island recently, I have a new perspective on how I and we are impacting the natural world around us but most detrimentally ourselves.  I notice the struggle of working excessively, minds racing with the stressors of a busy life and many of us not listening to our body’s and heart’s calling for change.  

The reflection in the mirror at this moment in my life seems to indicate a need for a shift in intention.  I am awakened to the ways in which when I believe I am more than enough and deserving of a life of abundance, when I trust wholeheartedly in unconditional love from the world around me and myself, and when I stand grounded in my authentic greatest self that is when the world is capable of healing and so am I!!!

My power is taking responsibility for my thoughts, my words and my actions everyday.  I fully embrace my fears of failing, my weakness for cheese, and my struggle to trust fully that the Universe will provide.  But Now that I see more clearly how these sneaky sabotaging fears and doubts and unhealthy habits try to hold me back, I can chose every moment if I want to let them rule my life and prevent me from loving myself, my job, my family and friends, random strangers, spiders and my planet.  I can continue to think kinder thoughts, speak more compassionate words and act more in harmony with myself and all beings and open to a deeper gratitude for this life.

What I have learned so far is that the more I take time to listen to my body, mind and spirit and move in away that honours my unique purpose, I wake up feeling joyful, I radiate so much love and I play and laugh all day long.  No matter what challenges are thrown my way, I feel safe in my heart and I know deep in my belly that I am meant to share my positivity and genuine fascination with life.  I hope to encourage and inspire all those around me to truly see their infinite greatness and move from a place that is most meaningful and joyful for all.  Peace will spread to every organism on this planet the moment each and everyone of us as a community can truly be content and honest with who we really are…. Greatness beyond measure!   

Love from a Happy Hearted Hippy


Client Love

Having studied and practiced with Kaitlin for less than a year, and having recently completed her 200 hour RYT In Balance Teacher Training, I don’t know whether to be speechless or effusive…!! ! One of the most electrifying individuals I’ve ever been privileged to know, Kaitlin teaches and practices from an authentic place of incredibly deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Yogic practice, and puts it all together in a way that’s inviting and accessible to every student. She has a unique brand of fiery and fun energy that encourages her students to challenge themselves in every aspect of their practice and learning.! ! With her inspiring training partners and guest lecturers, a broad foundation is built in each student, piece by piece and stone by stone, drawing from the ancient roots of ancestral Yoga, to today’s ever-evolving practice and teaching techniques.! ! Whether your goal is to teach and share Yoga with the world around you, or simply to broaden and deepen your own practice, an In Balance Teacher Training or Yoga Intensive program with Kaitlin is an unforgettable and priceless experience.
— James Fisher
I’ve had Kaitlin as a personal trainer for over a year now. Her knowledge, experience and adaptability has enabled me to maintain a healthy level of fitness and general health. An incredible yoga instructor, Kaitlin’s knowledge spans all aspects of health body and mind. I have already recommended several friends and acquaintances to Kaitlin and will continue to do so.
— Doug Deeks