Body Intelligence Yoga Immersion

The 100 Hour Body Intelligence Yoga Immersion is for all those that want to deepen their understanding of FUNctional anatomy applied to the yoga practice.  In a culture of physical passivity and predominant time spent sitting, there is an essential need to encourage a more intimate relationship to posture and movement biomechanics.  How we carry ourselves informs all our thoughts, attitudes and feelings.  This exploration will offer you insight into your own limiting beliefs and develop you a platform to engage with a more playful, full hearted life.


This program offers all the same nourishing and deep soul searching benefits as the Yoga Leadership Training but doesn't require you to meet all the Yoga Teacher Training qualifications. Explore yoga as your guide to greater self awareness, self care and a deeper understanding of what makes your heart smile.  The schedule is very flexible to accommodate your lifestyle and needs and includes Body Love, Embracing Vulnerability and Stepping into your Power as necessary practices to live a life of heart leadership.