In Balance Philosophy

We are the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we embody. In our busy, high stress on-the-go lifestyle, we have moved away from the importance of nourishing our bodies, minds and hearts and have replaced it with unwholesome habits and behaviors that keep us in a state of imbalance. Most of us are confused by the overload of new trends and self help books that are all telling us different, sometimes conflicting information.  All our intentions of becoming healthier are polluted by the stresses of keeping up with society’s hamster wheel of working unhappily for money and then consuming more things which keeps us working.  Meanwhile, we never truly listen to our own bodies or hearts to know what inspires us and what is healing for us personally.  

We are individuals, each unique in our bodies, minds and spirits and so lets empower our individual health by connecting with what occurs in the body (weight gain, early aging, inflammation, mental fogginess, headaches, low energy, moodiness and so on) by paying attention to our thoughts, foods, creative outlets, sleep, exercise and overall conditions that make us feel abundant and joyful from the inside out.  Being healthy is intuitive to us that is if we slow down and pay attention to disengaging our negative thoughts and replacing them with positive wholesome ones!  So lets stop ignoring our body's cry for health and happiness and acknowledge our responsibility for our own well-being. Health and happiness reside within you... tap into your innate power by focusing more on the thoughts, words and actions that make you feel really good.  Chose the journey over the destination… life is happening now!


In our overstimulated, unhealthy, non-stop race through life we have lost the meaning of balance and are no longer enjoying the ride.   Our bodies and our minds are screaming for help but we continue to ignore all the signs and symptoms.  Just like life, our health and wellness is a journey, not a destination. It can take us years to discover that something is off-balance in our lives, but the best way to regain this harmony is to heal and re nourish from within. 

Creating a healthy body, and mind is all about balance. Actively listening to your body, proper nutrition, exercise, self-awareness, self-love and compassion all contribute to our complete well-being. It is not enough to focus solely on one area of our lives, but to find an equilibrium that works in all aspects of life.

Holistic Health and Home Practitioner and Certified Exercise Physiologist, Kaitlin Armstrong offers her expertise in wellness through nutritional healing and meal plans, exercise and rehabilitation programs as well as the necessary tools to help guide and empower you on your journey to a balanced lifestyle.