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Kaitlin Armstrong creates and develops tailored Keynotes and Workshops that will empower deeper inward reflection of our attitudes and values as well as playful experiential learning.  The main focus of each presentation is to create engagement through open discussions and interactive activities, provide practical tools and support passionate growth and encourage a healthy relationship with mind, body and spirit.  

Kaitlin's goal is to meet with the organization and cater the intention of the presentations and workshops to their goals.  This assessment provides direction for the needs of the organization as well as opportunity to implement strategies and tools into the workplace going forward.  Every presentation will leave the group feeling joyful, inspired and empowered to better show up to their lives as leaders at work and at home.


Take a look at Kaitlin's Ted X - Happiness Resides Within from Feb. 2015.


Browse through some of the examples of types of Keynotes and Workshops offered.  Kaitlin loves to collaborate with the organization to make it specific to the group and meet the needs and theme of the conference.


Work Life Balance - Nurturing Self fulfillment and Managing Stress Saboteurs

Today's society has its unique challenges when it comes to balancing career and life while still maintaining joy and self care. Stress in unavoidable in today's lifestyle however we can chose how stress affects us in our everyday by creating a healthier relationship with our thoughts and attitudes towards our lives.  It is essential to cultivate time for our own unique passions and nourish our souls.  In this workshop you will learn how to better create a healthy relationship with stress and be given the tools to better make space for your own individual needs.  You will leave feeling brighter, lighter and empowered to show up more fully to your life and your work.   

    Mindful Body, Embodied Mind and Lots of Laughs

    What does health mean to you?  What aspects of yourself do you nurture and which ones do you neglect?  Mindfulness is the key to not only a healthy lifestyle but also a happy life.  Lets explore a new way to approach our lifestyle choices in a way that is nourishing to the body, mind and soul.  This workshop will support you in uncovering  what negative habits are holding you back from creating a healthy and playful relationship with your body and mind.  You will gain a deeper understanding of your unique patterns of behaviour and be empowered with the tools to love the processing of loving you.  Why not make life a joyful experience where you have the energy, vibrancy and vitality to be and do all that your heart desires

    Empowering Passionate Leaders

    What is the impact I am currently having and what do I want to have? How do I step into my fullest potential in a work-life climate that is an overwhelming and endless list of to do's and responsibilities?  How do I find joy and creativity in my work on a daily basis?  

    This workshop is all about intention and getting to the root of what fires you up and gets you excited about work and life in general as a unique individual.  You will be guided to tap into the greatest version of you and discover what essential gifts you may not be sharing.  Through this interactive and dynamic session, you will find more meaning behind your everyday life and feel encouraged to unleash your most valuable skills to become more productive and better support your workplace and life.  Be the unique leader you were born to be and pioneer purpose in all that you do.


    Authenticity, Clarity and Engagement - A Recipe for Success!

    Our individual story has made us who we are today.  However some of the ways we attach to our stories blur our ability to show up 100% authentic and true to our heart.  Between societal pressures, the media, our upbringing and our individual beliefs, it can be difficult to stand in our genuine power and be the person we are truly meant to be.  Success is a culmination of all the challenges and failures that an individual overcomes to truly radiate the most authentic version of themselves.  Lets address our stories of "I am not enough", "I am unworthy of being heard" and " I am undeserving of unconditional support" and implement a new way of believing in our true essence as being "more than enough".  Learn to stand in your truth, speak your power, and engage in life in a positive and more meaningful way that fills your soul.  


    Lessons from Your Inner Child: Manifesting a Life of Meaning

    Do you remember what you were like as a child?  Did you want to be an Astronaut, a Dancer, or an Elephant Doctor?  Along the journey of becoming a full fledged responsibility owning, no fun adult, we have stopped singing for no reason, laughing at our falls and speaking our truth.  We have learned to wear a mask and put on armour that prevents us from living a life that is truly meaningful to our unique purpose.  We judge, we blame, we resent and we anger.  What happened to the courageous child that painted a picture with pride or tried a new activity with fearless determination?  Lets tap into the essence of our child like selves and reconnect with the idea of living a life of joyful presence.  Lets explore the ways in which your past failures and old wounds are holding you in fear and preventing you from expressing a life of meaning.  This interactive and powerful session is all about taking your power back, daring greatly and living the life of your dreams.  



    Fort Murray's health and wellness practitioners, yoga instructors, spiritual healers and business mind of all kinds came together to share their passion for health and happiness in the largest holistic event in Fort McMurray.

    The holistic community in Fort McMurray came together for 3 days of awe inspiring, heart felt fun and exploration in the healing arts weaving together the health of mind, body and spirit.  The choices of how to fill your day were infinite as we offered classes, workshops, and performances jammed packed into an enlightening schedule of possibilities and opportunities for growth and adventure.

    All kinds of workshops and events all weekend long: Clean Eating, Mindfulness - Meditation for every moment, Law of Attraction, Specialty Yoga Classes for beginners to advanced, Drum Circles, Chanting Seminars, Reiki Circles, Holistic Arts, Fermentation and cooking Classes and many more.  Live performances Friday and Saturday Evening.  Health Market, speak easy's and treats all day long.