Live and Learn Balance and Self Care through Yoga

This program offers all the same nourishing and deep soul searching benefits as the Teacher Training but doesn't require you to meet all the Yoga Teacher Training qualifications.  Explore yoga as your guide to greater self awareness, self care and a deeper understanding of what makes your heart smile.  The schedule is very flexible to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. 



  • Emphasis in building a strong yoga practice on and off the mat in whatever way is most authentic to you. Connect with your true self and others as you bring intention into each day.
  • Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your body through a deeper understanding of human anatomy and a healthy posture.
  • Learn the healing benefits and rehabilitative elements of yoga postures and breathwork. Focus on keeping the physical postures safe and sustainable for a lifelong practice, and suitable for all levels of students.
  • Bring mindfulness into your everyday life with a focus on accessible meditations. Discover that every moment of life can be lived meditatively as you capture living in the now, and see that mediation can look like a mindful hike, washing the dishes with presence, or playing with your kids wholeheartedly, undistracted.  
  • Explore the meaning and heart of yoga in its ancient traditions and philosophies in a contemporary way so that you are better equipped to translate the teachings into your modern lifestyle.




*Payment options available.