Yoga For Life

Kaitlin’s classes will challenge and strengthen your body and mind while bringing a playful and uplifting radiance to your soul. 

You will literally glow after one of her classes with sweat, an inspired heart and a new attitude towards your body.  The classes focus on breath, the mind body connection, functional alignment and anatomy as well as creative and authentic expression.  Students will be encouraged to confront discomfort with kindness and explore a practice that feels good from their knees to their soul.  You will leave feeling energetic and relaxed, more fully ready to show up to your life authentically and purposeful. 

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Why Kaitlin loves teaching

I love sharing my passionate and contagious energy for life with my students through a yoga practice that is all about uncovering their true power.  I enjoy being apart of a fully breathing community that is indulging in the dance of the moment.  My students teach me to keep showing up to my life whole heartedly and authentically and I am so grateful!

Yoga Playshops

Functional Anatomy & Posture Workshop

Kaitlin Armstrong, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist gives an exciting introduction to the yoga posture that will expand and strengthen your yoga practice. The posture workshops are meant to help you find greater understanding and body awareness in the classic poses we cover in class. We will review the important injury prevention tools and strategies as well as focus on greater body alignment. Its a great opportunity to ask specific questions about the asanas and about your own body. Yoga has the power to heal and strengthen but it also can be very dangerous and harming if not done effectively. Come explore your practice deeper! Live to learn and explore the postures in a manner that is safe and rejuvenating for you. Her experience in the study of Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance Training, her extensive study of yoga and her passion for anatomy and physiology make what can be a dry topic interesting and fun!


Sustainable Yoga - Yoga for your Lifetime

Yoga is about a continual acceptance of where you are at that very moment and yet a lot of our practice seems to reflect a forcing or manipulating effort.  In this workshop we will explore our practice as a mirror to the journey of life and how we can better accept where we are and move in a way that respects and acknowledges the process of sustainable practice and achievable authentic lifestyle.  A sustainable practice is essential to a happy and healthy life so lets take a look at the ways our thoughts, words and actions may be preventing us from the bliss we all want to experience in any given moment.  This workshop will cover a brief discussion of all the determinants of a balanced life and the ways in which we can use our practice to support our individual needs and the needs of our community and planet.  


Ninja Yoga - A Posture Workshop for all you Badass Yogis!

This fun and intense level 2 yoga posture workshop will cover many of the challenging yoga postures (arm balances, inversions, balancing poses) that look so freakin' cool but seem so unattainable or really uncomfortable.  Kaitlin will show you how to tackles these postures with strong foundation and alignment so you can find freedom in the posture.  There will be modifications and alternate postures shown to make challenging poses more accessible to all.  Come kick some yoga butt and feel your butt for days after!!


Authentic Methodology for Yoga Teachers

Authentic Methodology is an interactive workshop that focuses primarily on all the teaching moments that happen before, during and after class where the foundational elements are applied but the unique qualities that you possess shine.  There are so many schools of yoga asking for conformity to a set of rules or guidelines when teaching should be the most authentic and unattached expression of the present moment.  When we are in flow state, we connect to something greater than ourselves. This is a chance to learn how to create a genuine expression and embodiment of where you are in your own practice and lead a class that offers humility and personal reflection of what you are learning as the student in your own life.  We explore teaching techniques such as voice projection, utilizing feeling over thinking, body language, and the use of visualization to convey information.


Living Your Yoga on and off the Mat

1.Love your Body: Every Part

This yogashop will engage a deeper conversation with your body - the connection between the thoughts and the expression of the postures.  It is an opportunity to really awaken to the ways you may not be kindly treating your body in many respects and support you in a healthier relationship with all aspects of your physical form.  Come explore beyond the mirror, deep inside the essence of your being. 

2. Daring greatly: Embracing vulnerability

Brene Browns book inspired this workshop as an exploration of the mental barriers that hold us back ?   Whats holding you back from being the truest and greatest you?  Lets break free of the societal expectations and pressures and let go of our fears and insecurities to make space for more freedom and love. This workshop will cultivate authenticity and meaning in your life through group discussion, practical applications and exercises, and heart opening postures.   

3. Stepping into your power: Passion in action

Together we will break down boundaries, set clear intentions and reclaim our authentic voice. As a group we will support each other in uncovering our purpose. In healing and empowering ourselves we together can better effect change on our friends, family and our community. We will explore the solar plexus chakra Mani pura and the throat chakra Visshuda to help us step into our power. We will harness our greatest potential and see how free we are to act from our deepest passion.


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