Yoga Leadership (Teacher) Trainings

Yoga leadership training is rooted in humility and authenticity as a way to encouraging the individual to remain a student of life always and to lead from that place.  In Balance empowers heart forward teachers to share their passion from their personal life experience and guide their class from the innate wisdom of each individuals body.  Uncover the yoga teachings from a modern day perspective so that it is accessible to your everyday life, on and off the mat.

Body Intelligence Yoga is a FUNctional movement based practice that encourages a humble listening to the biomechanics of the body and inspires a deeper understanding of how our posture provides us important information about our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Gain a meaningful connection in anatomy and body-mind movement practices as applied to the yoga postures and practices. 


200hr Yoga leadership training 

Learn the FUNdamentals of Body Intelligence Yoga and Heart Forward Leadership as applied to teaching the practice of yoga that supports the modern day yogi.



Dive deep into self-study with focused areas of yoga learning that will enlighten a more intimate relationship to your body and heart on and off the mat.  Accessible to all.

500hr yoga Leadership Training

Continue the journey with In Balance unraveling the advanced Body Intelligence Yoga teachings as well as taking your instruction to a more impactful community level.