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Yoga Workshop, Body Intelligence May 2016

Body Intelligence Workshop: Developing a Relationship to Your Unique Posture 

Every Body is Unique and everybody deserves a healthy understanding of their own individual body.  This workshop series is all about empowering a healthy relationship with your posture, alignment and biomechanics in your yoga practice that will better support you to recognize and adjust for your unique physical needs.  This practice of developing body intelligence is rooted in the foundation of Ahimsa, "non- harming".  Lets investigate how to build a yoga practice that is nourishing to our bodies through a greater understanding of the functional anatomy and postural elements.  You will learn how to wake up stabilizing muscles groups that are essential to the overall health of joints, you will experience movement that enlightens the mental and emotional issues in your tissues and you will enjoy freedom in your practice knowing how to best take care of your unique self. 

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Omtown Nanaimo

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Nanaimo, BC