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Spring into Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion

  • Westwood High School Fort Mcmurray, Alberta Canada (map)


This Yoga Teacher Training is for all you modern day yogis out there. Life is busy and we are asked to juggle a lot at once, much of the time working unfulfilling jobs and struggling to enjoy our lives as they fly by. The intention of this Teacher Training is to support you as you tap into your true passion and find your authentic voice, while developing a yoga practice that you can take with you in every moment of your life and every situation. This training welcomes all levels of experience and abilities on an intimate exploration of the heart and soul.  

Join Kaitlin Armstrong, Pattie Dwyer and Brooke McMillan on a journey that makes yoga accessible to you in its endless possibilities for self-growth and self-acceptance. We want to encourage the yogi that is already in you to shine bright in whatever way calls to you. Whether you are a mother, accountant, school teacher, or electrician, whether you have been practicing yoga for two months or twenty years, you have the potential to be the humble yoga student and inspiring yoga teacher in any role you play. Each moment of your life provides you with the opportunity to be both a student and teacher of yoga. Together we will uncover how to translate your practice off the mat and into all facets of your life, and reveal the teacher within so that you can confidently guide others in your community on their own self-explorations through yoga.

This teacher training is unique in that we will be supporting you in implementing positive changes to your overall health with a focus on mindful eating and cooking. Together we will build skills in the kitchen and a healthier relationship with your food by preparing lunch every weekend session as a community. We will encourage your exploration of a healthy lifestyle that is unique and personal to you. Most of all, we will empower you in creating your own definition of wellness and we will have have lots of fun doing it!


  • Preparing 3 homemade, healthy Lunch meals with Chef Brooke McMillan on three of the weekend sessions.  Learn how to nourish your body and have fun in the process.
  • Retreat to Nanaimo BC for 4 days of deep self exploration, intimate healing in nature and beauty along Westwood lake.  Accommodations and food included.  Flights are not included.
  • Emphasis in building a strong yoga practice on and off the mat in whatever way is most authentic to you. Connect with your true self and others as you bring intention into each day.
  • Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your body through a deeper understanding of human anatomy and a healthy posture.
  • Learn the healing benefits and rehabilitative elements of yoga postures and breath work. Focus on keeping the physical postures safe and sustainable for a lifelong practice, and suitable for all levels of students.
  • Bring mindfulness into your everyday life with a focus on accessible meditations. Discover that every moment of life can be lived meditatively as you capture living in the now, and see that mediation can look like a mindful hike, washing the dishes with presence, or playing with your kids wholeheartedly, undistracted.  
  • Explore the meaning and heart of yoga in its ancient traditions and philosophies in a contemporary way so that you are better equipped to translate the teachings into your modern lifestyle.
  • Special guests: Gary John, Andrea Jordan and Aurelie Smith



March 11th Friday 6-9pm Kaitlin/Brooke/Pattie

March 12 Saturday 8am-6pm Kaitlin/Brooke (lunch included)

March 13th Sunday 9am-6pm Kaitlin

March 16th Wednesday 6-9pm Kaitlin

March 18th Friday 6-9pm Kaitlin

March 19th Saturday 8am-6pm Kaitlin

March 20th Sunday 9am-6pm Kaitlin/Pattie

March 23rd Wednesday 6-9pm Brooke

Spring Break


April 6th Wednesday 6-9pm Gary John

April 8th Friday 6-9pm Brooke

April 9th Saturday 8am-6pm Brooke (lunch included)

April 10th Sunday 9am-6pm Pattie

April 13th Wednesday 6-9pm Andrea

April 15th Friday 6-9pm Brooke

April 16th Saturday 8am-6pm Brooke (lunch included)

April 17th Sunday 9am-6pm Pattie

April 20th Wednesday 6-9pm Andrea

April 28th-May 1st Retreat in Nanaimo, BC!  Kaitlin


May 7th Saturday 8am-6pm Pattie

May 11th Wednesday 6-9pm Aurelie (Prenatal)

May 13th Friday 6-9pm Kaitlin

May 14th Saturday 8am-6pmKaitlin

May 15th Sunday 9am-6pm Graduation and Peace Warriors Event Kaitlin/ Brooke/ Pattie



Payable by cheque (pay to In Balance Services LTD.), cash or email money transfer to Secure your place with a 500$ deposit, non-refundable. Space is limited so register early. Please call (780) 972-0672 if you have any questions.


200 hour $3520


300hour $3835 (to complete 500 hour)


Yoga Intensive $2820

This Price includes Teacher Training Manual, 3 weekend lunches, all accommodations and meals in Nanaimo Retreat April 28th-May1st and Certification upon completion.

*Limited Space Available - Early Commitment and deposit $500 toward total cost.


1. 200 hour $3,520

2. 300 hour $3,835

3. Yoga Immersion $2,820

Flexible Monthly Payment Plan Available for all of the above.  Email to inquire

REFUND POLICY: Please be informed that once the deposit is paid there is no refund.  Once you have committed to the Training, full payment is required by the end of the session regardless there is early drop out.  Thank you for your understanding.




  • yoga mat
  • 2 blocks
  • strap
  • bolster
  • blanket
  • sit cushion (optional)
  • Blank Journal



  • The Inner Traditions of Yoga, Micheal Stone
  • Living your yoga, Judith Lancaster
  • The Key Muscles of Yoga, Ray Long
  • The Key Poses of Yoga, Ray Long
  • The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer
  • Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar
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