Yoga Teacher Training

+ 200 PLUS + Certified Canadian Yoga Alliance

January 30th  - May 31, 2015

Cost: $3,520*

Email for a registration form.

For those who would like to obtain a 200hour YTT or for those who would like to receive their 300hour to complete their 500hour training 

$500  deposit due to reserve your spot ($100 non refundable).

*Payment options available 

Join Kaitlin Armstrong & Pattie Dwyer on an Yoga journey that dives deep into the traditions of yoga but then carries it up and off the mat into everyday life.  Yoga as our focus and medium, we will explore every layer of breath, body, mind and spirit reconnecting to our authentic selves and weaving them together to uncover our deepest heartfelt passions.  10% discount for In Balance Graduates of 2014!


The In Balance Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Program is entirely unique and encompasses an authentic approach.  We recognize that yoga, from its earliest roots in ancient India, has continually grown and developed - and continues to evolve as we bring its teachings into the science and technology of today.  We firmly believe that every path of this old tradition should be acknowledged but also explored in conjunction with the exciting, new research and studies of the 21st century yoga.  We believe that a great yoga teacher is a wonderfully unique combination of scientist, artist and spiritual guide, and seek to develop those abilities in each and every one of our students. Rather than focusing on any particular school or style of yoga or relying too heavily on a single tradition, the course draws on a range of yoga styles and resources.  


This 3 month intensive teaching certification course with 3 month teacher integration program, we help to create an inspiring and deep yoga practice, while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teacher. We are honoured to bring together scholars, health professionals and senior yoga teachers as part of our teaching faculty.

The course is challenging on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In addition to practicing twice daily, there is the study of anatomy, yoga history, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, posture workshops, Buddhist yoga, functional anatomy, Ayurveda and more.
The program is wonderful not only for those who wish to become yoga teachers, but also for those looking to create a spark in their life and momentum in improving health, learning to relax, and beginning a program of self-study.


Over the 3 months of the course we will help you to deepen your knowledge of the science of yoga as we teach you how to use your artistic creativity in class planning and sequencing. Learn to teach asana, pranayama and meditation in your own individual way, from the heart, with awareness, compassion, sensitivity and clarity. By the end of the course you will be able confidently to convey your own experience of yoga’s transforming power to your students with ease and confidence. You must attend 19 evening session and 8 weekend Workshops. The modules of the course cover the following areas in manageable portions designed to develop your knowledge and teaching skills progressively and systematically:


  • Asana Principles and Creative Asana Teaching

  • Practical Anatomy and Physiology

  • Class Sequencing

  • Teaching Skills and Techniques

  • Subtle and Energetic Anatomy

  • Pranayama and Meditation

  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga.


Course Curriculum


Every morning will begin with a 15 minute meditation, and/or pranayama practice led by one of the senior teachers. It is no problem if this is your first time practicing meditation - although the practice will be suitable to more experienced practitioners, no experience is necessary. Beginning the day with meditation is a great way to cultivate a mindful, productive and stress- free day.

ASANA CLASS (20 hours)

Classes will be led by training faculty members Kaitlin Armstrong and Pattie Dwyer and several visiting teachers including but not limited to Elizabeth Eaton, Julie Funk, and  Marie Simpson. We will focus on growth and exploration through our Hatha Yoga Practice, and touching on various styles of teaching and yoga such as Vinyasa Flows, Restorative and Yin classes. Variety in teachers and teaching styles will provide tools for interpretation within the series, and further the process of making your teaching personal and authentic.



And Yoga Exploration with external instructors throughout the community (40 hours) Emphasis will be placed on preparing the teacher trainer for the actual practice of teaching. Each student will have the opportunity to lead small groups of their fellow trainees through several consecutive postures and learn thematic approaches to teaching as well as an opportunity to share teach to the whole group near the end of training. The teaching will be followed by feedback sessions.

METHODOLOGY (20 hours)

Methodology is an interactive workshop that focuses primarily on all the teaching moments that happen before, during and after class where the foundational elements are applied. This is a chance to learn how to create comfort and confidence within the art of teaching. We explore teaching techniques such as voice projection, utilizing key ‘trigger’ words, body language, and the use of visualization to convey information. Further discussion will revolve around the different ways in which people learn, how to create a supportive environment for new students, and how to prepare oneself mentally before teaching a class.


This will be where the foundation of yoga will be discussed and discovered through theoretical, mythological and Sanskrit study of Asanas and Pranayam. This interactive lecture series with Kaitlin and Pattie, each posture in the In Balance sequence will be broken down to explore alignment, modifications, “release valves”, and sequencing. This segment covers each pose in deep detail, so that the teacher trainers can discover the biomechanics of each posture and hence the safest and most effective way to enter and exit each posture.


These two sections revolve around one of the most important aspects of teaching: the safe and effective performance of yoga asanas. We will focus primarily on the entry, stasis and exit to and from poses, using both verbal and hands-on adjustments. There will also be discussion revolving around the issues of hands-on adjustments, recognizing limitations, and how to be most effective in directing students to self-adjust.

FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY (30 Hours In Class and 10 Hours Home Study)

Kaitlin Armstrong, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist gives an exciting introduction to the larger structures and systems of the body as well as the study of human movement and the energetic anatomy (chakras, nadis, etc). It explores how the living matter is developed as a human being from molecules to cells and tissues and organs and systems. Then we move into a more subtle understanding of the relationship between structure and function, yoga, energy and Prâna.  Her experience in the study of Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance Training, her extensive study of yoga and her passion for anatomy and physiology make what can be a dry topic interesting and fun!



Considering that the Buddha himself was an enlightened yogi, Pattie Dwyer, Gary John and Pat Dwyer introduce the Buddha’s teachings within the context of the Yoga Tradition. These lectures illustrate that the common aspiration of all spiritual practitioners is to overcome suffering and imbalance, and awaken to our inherent wholeness and union with all things. The essential practice to accomplish this, Mindfulness (satipatthana), will be explained and undertaken.


Pattie Dwyer and Marie Simpson will explore the history and philosophy of yoga with the intention of connecting to the ancient roots of our practice. You will be introduced to the main yogic texts and their central themes in a way that brings them to life and makes their wisdom relevant for modern yogis. The study of yoga philosophy will plug you into a rich tradition and add depth to your teaching.

ETHICS, LIFESTYLE AND KARMA YOGA (15 hours/5 hours volunteer)
This is where we introduce and teach proper ethical code and conduct for the student/teacher relationship which students learn how to incorporate and practice on a daily basis.  The practice of Karma yoga will be 5 hours of volunteer through service at a local non-profit association, hospital, school or other social environment that involves benefit to the community.

JOURNALING (5 Hours/month intensive)

This is a chance to document the physical, spiritual and emotional journey that students experience throughout the training. Journaling is an opportunity to slow the mind and work through the challenges and excitement that arise in such an intensive training


Each teacher trainer will be required to give a 10 minute presentation. Presentation topics will be provided, though trainers can choose to present a seminar on any topic that could benefit the group. This is an opportunity to put public speaking skills into practice in a setting that is more comfortable and varied than a standard yoga class. 



  • Yoga Mat, Block, Meditation Cushion and Strap (Bolster and foam block is optional)

  • Living your Yoga, Judith Lasater

  • Bhabavad Gita, Stephen Mitchell

  • The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Micheal Singer

  • Change your thoughts - change your life: living the wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer

  • Mindfulness Yoga, Frank Jude Boccio

  • Yoga for a World out of Balance, Michael Stone

  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown


Dates & Times

Date                              Time

January 30th Friday                    6-9pm

January 31st Saturday                 9-6pm

February 1st Sunday                    9-6pm 

February 4th Wednesday            6-9pm

February 11th Wednesday           6-9pm

February 13th Friday                   6-9pm

Febrarut 14th Saturday                9-6pm

February 18th Wednesday           6-9pm

February 25th Wednesday          6-9pm

February 27th Friday                   6-9pm

February 28th Saturday              9-6pm

March 1st Sunday                        9-6pm

March 4th Wednesday                6-9pm

March 11th Wednesday                6-9pm  Guest Gary John

March 18th Wednesday               6-9pm

March 21st Saturday                    9-6pm

March 22nd Sunday                    9-6pm

March 25 Wednesday                 6-9pm

April 8th Wednesday                   6-9pm Retreat Talk 

April 16th Thursday                        9am JASPER RETREAT

April 17th Friday                          RETREAT

April 18th Saturday                      RETREAT

April 19th Sunday                        RETREAT HOME late evening

April 22nd Wednesday                6-9pm

May 1st Friday                             Peace Warrior FESTIVAL

May 2nd Saturday                       Peace Warrior FESTIVAL 

May 3rd Sunday                         Peace Warrior FESTIVAL

May 9th Saturday                        9-6pm 

May 10th Sunday                         9-6pm

May 13th Wednesday                  6-9pm

May 20th Wednesday                 6-9pm

May 27th Wednesday                  6-9pm

May 29th Friday                          6-9pm

May 30th Saturday                      9-6pm

May 31st Sunday                         9-6pm Graduation Day :)


*Possibly an extra day a month for “make up” classes


Total Cost 

200 hour $3520


300hour $3835 (to complete 500 hour)

Jasper Retreat and Yoga Festival Fees included in Teacher Training Price.

*Limited Space Available - Early Commitment and deposit $500 toward total cost.


Payment options

1. 200 hour Paid in Full $3520

  • 300 hour Paid in Full $3835


2. Two part Payment Plan 

First Deposit Due January 30th 2015 - 200 hour $1760

  • 300 hour $1917

2nd Deposit Due April 1st 2015 - 200 hour $1760

  • 300 hour $1917


3. Monthly Payment Plan

First Deposit Due January 30th 2015 - 200 hour $900

  • 300 hour $980

Second Deposit Due Feb. 28th 2015 - 200 hour $900

  • 300 hour $980

Third Deposit Due March 31st 2015 - 200 hour $900

  • 300 hour $980

Fourth Deposit Due April 30th 2015 - 200 hour $900

  • 300 hour $980


About Your Instructor


Kaitlin Armstrong completed her 500 hour Teacher Training with Moksha in Victoria in 2012.  Coupled with her degree in Kinesiology and specialization in Exercise Physiology as well as completing her Natural Health Practitioner Masters, she takes a holistic approach to her teaching.  She strives to live a healthy and authentic balance in her practice and in life and loves to support others in their journey's too.   "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go"


Pattie Dwyer completed her 200hour Teacher Training with the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India, and is currently receiving her 500hour Sivananda Training in Kutir, India based in the Himalayas. Pattie is also an a active performing artist, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge and a Visual and Performing Arts Diploma from Keyano College. "When Prana pulses through the body, creativity awakens, You Awaken."

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Email for a registration form.