The five Body Intelligence Yoga Series areas of focus are; Core Concepts, Mindful Movement Medicine, Party In Your Pants, Downside Up Fun and Lengthen Your Spine: Lengthen Your Life.  Each category contains multiple themed video bundles which include 3 videos each; an introduction to the basics of the concept, an exercise video breaking down key movements and a practice to put it all together.  

    This Teaser Pack is a sample of 100+ more videos we will be releasing with the launch of our new website Fall 2017.  By Purchasing this Teaser Pack you will receive a voucher for your first 3 months free to the new inbalanceforlife.com video/community website.



   These videos are the core components that will help to develop all aspects of movement and posture.  Truly they are all about *grokking the deep core line from your toes to your tongue, the essentials of breathing wider, fuller and more attentively, and feeling and living the experience of moment to moment rather than creating commentary for it.

*grok: understand (something) intuitively or knowing by bodily feeling.

  1. Decompression Breathing
  2. Anatomical Neutral
  3. Feeling vs Thinking
  4. Hardcore
  5. Quality vs Quantity
  6. Moving In Balance - seeking symmetry in imperfect seas
  7. Fascia’s fabricating you 
  8. Its just sensation: take your power back
  9. Celebrate your sparkle
  10. Build from your smile down
  11. Awaken your deep core
  12. Diversity is resiliency
  13. Muscular collaboration
  14. The psoas-diaphragm dance



   The magnificence that is our ability to walk, run, jump, twirl, and change directions is unfortunately being neglected in this generation’s sitting epidemic.  These classes will explore the essentials of reawakening twinkle in your toes, availability in your knees and a stable pelvis by getting you out of chair pose and engaging full range of motion movement with *muscular collaboration that will put pep back in your step.

*Muscular collaboration: the action of working with others muscles to produce or create something and in turn will empower your sense of community

  1. Squat a lot, all the way
  2. Pep in your Step
  3. Moving in 3D
  4. Power to my Booty
  5. Pep in your side step
  6. Batman and Robin - Glutmed/min
  7. Rebound the ground  
  8. Hips closers to open the hips
  9. Comfortably Discomforting your Psoas
  10. Ninja Yoga - bring your inner warrior out to play
  11. Love punches and compassionate kicks in the ass



   This section of videos is all about getting your play on and remembering the 8 year old fearless fein that you are.  You will learn how to design architecturally empowered wrists, shoulders, and spine to create freedom in all the fun you will have exploring down dog basics, and deconstructed inversions and arm balances.  Enjoy playing in the process of falling, flailing and sometimes nailing the blocks that might one day mean a structurally sound handstand.  Just remember that the *Instagram version of the pose does not make you a nicer person, so have fun exploring flying simply because it challenges you to be kinder to yourself!  

*Instagram: online photo social network that collapses self esteem if you are not listening to your unique body and your courageous heart.

  1. Shoulders shout out …
  2. Wrists unshackled 
  3. I AM AWESOME upside down
  4. Frightening your fears
  5. Primal Play
  6. Yoga Charged
  7. Playground flow - the necessity of monkey business
  8. Birds and Balance
  9. Collarbones Wide Eyed
  10. Armpits closed for upside-down business
  11. Head, shoulders, knees and upside down again 



   It says it all in the name… we are going to grow taller from these practices and live to be 108 with erect postures and gazes still set on the horizon of infinite possibilities.  There are so many important considerations to bring to a yoga practice but the spine is the host of our number one energy highway known in yoga as the *Sushumna Nadi.  The spine communicates so much more than height so we will spend time learning to nourish it, breath space into and around it and build integrity from the marrow of our souls to how we carry ourselves in the world. 

*Sushumna : very gracious or kindNadi: channel, stream or flow

  1. Backbending basics
  2. Twist so you don't shout
  3. Sidebending
  4. Back to baby steps
  5. Lengthen to Limbo
  6. Lift from your limbs
  7. Shape the Psyche 
  8. Moving into the Moment 
  9. Heart Wide Open
  10. Speaking to your spine



   This section of videos is all about slowing down and keeping our nervous system in the *parasympathetic setting of rest so that we might better digest the busyness that can be our lives.  Please take the time to light some candles, put on the diffuser and set a romantic mood to woo your body back to ease.

*Parasympathetic: serves to slow the heart rate, increase intestinal and glandular activity, and relax the sphincter muscles (aka less anal and more chill)

  1. Orienting to ease
  2. Essentially Breathing
  3. Breathing wide, smooth and deep
  4. Guppy training
  5. Reprogramming default settings
  6. Receiving shapes
  7. A little bit of acceptance goes a long way
  8. Miracles are everywhere
  9. Gratitude is the key to a heart wide open
  10. Rainy day flow makes for good weather
  11. Stimulating deep sleep
  12. Freeing Fascia