In Balance's Teacher Training is a entirely unique and holistic approach to yoga.  Yoga translates as intimacy and so you will be taken on a yoga journey that dives deep into self discovery and encourages you to connect with all parts of yourself and the world around you.  Yoga as our focus and medium, we will explore every layer of breath, body, mind and spirit reconnecting to our inner true selves and weaving them together to uncover our deepest heartfelt passions.  We emphasize "practice" so that we can better bring yoga into our everyday lives.    In Balance's only hope is to nourish and support your growth in the direction yoga most inspires you so that you can live the life you truly want to live!  

Kaitlin Armstrong creates and develops tailored Keynotes and Workshops that will empower deeper inward reflection of our attitudes and values as well as playful experiential learning.  The main focus of each presentation is to create engagement through open discussions and interactive activities, provide practical tools and support passionate growth and encourage a healthy relationship with mind, body and spirit.  Kaitlin emphasizes the power of positive thoughts, genuine speech and meaningful actions as the catalyst for building a happy and enthusiastic workplace and community.